House Drama Festival

The House Drama Festival is held every second year in the Autumn Term, alternating with the House Music Festival. Each House is given a play to produce and perform with the four House Captains responsible for leading the girls in their House. 

Everyone is involved; there is no reason not to participate. If being the star of the show isn't for you, there's plenty of other ways to take part: set-builders, costume designers, lighting technicians and other backstage crew are all a vital part of each of the four House productions.  All that is required is a desire to entertain and a healthy dose of commitment and teamwork.

Each House is mentored our Drama teacher. Girls inevitably end up laughing a lot, learning a lot about putting on a play, and themselves, as well as making new friends. A great sense of accomplishment and a large boost to confidence is also quite normal!

At the end of the half term, all the hard work (along with a little competition and a lot of team spirit) comes to a thrilling climax with performances in front of the whole School and an invited external judge. Prizes are awarded in a number of categories. While the event is a competition, above all it is a celebration of Cobham Hall girls’ theatrical talents.