House Music Festival

The House Music Festival is held every second year, in the Autumn Term, alternating with the House Drama Festival.  It is a whole School event, involving every student voice from the smallest, shiest voice, to the loudest, highest and most confident.

All girls join their House choir and each choir opens by performing the same song, chosen by the Head of Music, such as “At the End of the Day” from Les Miserables, or “Sing” by Gary Barlow.  Each House also performs a number of other pieces of their own choice, including solos, instrumental ensembles and large group numbers.  House Captains and girls work together, with the help of the Head of Music, to choose which pieces they will perform – resulting in an eclectic mix that can be anything from Chopin to Wham.

It is a chance for musically talented girls to shine and for the most un-musical to experience the uplifting feeling of singing in a group.  With rehearsals taking place every week it is also a great House bonding experience.

On the day of the Festival, it is always a joy and a marvel to watch and listen and there is often the pleasant surprise of hear a clear strong voice coming from an unexpected source.  While it is strictly speaking a competition, with an external adjudicator picking the best in several categories, above all it is a celebration of music and musical talent and an uplifting tribute to the power of music.

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