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When we ask our boarders what words they would use to describe Cobham Hall Boarding, we get ‘sisterhood’, ‘never boring’, ‘friends forever’ and ‘laughter’.  From outings with other Year Groups to whole School events, our Boarding community is, as you’d expect, a family. 

Whether a Boarder or a day girl, there are ‘Big Sisters’ – girls allocated from the year above to help you settle in.  There’s also Heads of House – girls chosen by their peers to act as liaison between the girls and the Housemistresses, and of course, the Housemistresses, always armed with a smile and a ready ear to listen – whether you need a serious chat or a someone to share a joke with. 

As with any family, it’s important each member feels valued and heard, and so each year group regularly has meetings with a Housemistress.  A chance to catch-up, unwind and raise any concerns they may have, these meetings are a useful tool in ironing out any niggles before they become major issues – hot chocolate and cake are always a popular addition to these meetings.

Years 7 to 10 live in Bligh House, and Year 11 live in Main Hall – the original 16th Century Manor House.  Girls are encouraged to have their input into the decoration of the accommodation.

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Our Sixth Form live in Brooke, one of two dedicated Boarding Houses.  Still overseen by Housemistresses, the Sixth Form are encouraged to live more independent lives, and are expected to find their own balance between study, personal leisure time and organised activities. 

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The girls are involved in choosing their trips and activities.  There are two mid-week evening outings in the local area, rotating between different year groups.  The weekends are reserved for bigger outings further afield – although each term there will be a chill out Sunday; the perfect opportunity to get that lie-in, make the most of the School’s grounds or simply relax in one of the Common Rooms.

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Often, day girls will join our full or weekly Boarders on a flexi-basis.  Whether that’s the occasional night, or a few nights each week on a temporary or permanent arrangement, day girls become ‘honorary boarders’ each night they stay, fitting right in with the routine and taking part in all the activities.

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“The boarding experience ensures that pupils are extremely well prepared for life after school.”

– Independent Schools’ Inspectorate,
February 2015

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