Intensive English Language Support Programme

Cobham Hall offers an Intensive English Language Support Programme for non-native English speakers.  This is a course designed for students who do not yet have the level of English required to access the full curriculum at Cobham Hall.

Students will receive targeted, intensive EFL tuition with the aim of boosting their language competence to a level which will enable them to integrate fully into mainstream lessons as soon as this becomes viable.

Open to students from Years 7 to 11/Pre-A Level, this is a fully immersive, intensive programme which combines up to 12 hours of EFL tuition per week with lessons in other curriculum areas such as Maths, PE and Drama, where they join the girls from their year groups.  Lessons focus on grammatical awareness and understanding as well as on vocabulary acquisition.  The Programme will enable students to read and write the kind of texts they will meet in their academic lessons, and will develop oral competence as a central priority.

The Intensive English Language Support Programme is available at two core CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Levels: A1/A2 and B1.

As English skills improve, girls will fully integrate into the mainstream academic programme for their appropriate year group.  

Our English as a Foreign Language Department is staffed by fully qualified EFL professionals who offer intensive EFL tuition tailored to our individual students’ needs. During the Intensive English Language Support Programme, students may be offered the opportunity to take Cambridge English Examinations and a Cobham Hall EFL Department Certificate of Course Completion will be issued to all students who complete their agreed term of study.

As full boarders, girls participating in the Intensive English Language Support Programme will have all the benefits of boarding life available to Cobham Hall students and will be fully integrated into the life of the School.  They will be assigned to a tutor group and will be able to participate in the full and varied programme of extra-curricular activities and clubs available to all our students.  In addition, they will receive pastoral support at every level and will be offered a full induction programme upon arrival to help them with the cultural and social aspects of a successful process of integration.

All students will take a pre-admissions assessment test to ensure that their programme of study is matched to their individual requirements.  The aim is to give students on the Intensive English Language Support Programme the fullest and most suitable support possible.  Classes will be taught in small groups with a low student-teacher ratio. Places on this course are, therefore, strictly limited and early booking is essential.

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