Our Boarding Houses are staffed by a qualified team of Housemistresses. Miss Shipton manages Brooke House, Miss Ukachi-Lois Bligh House. Each are supported by assistants.


Meet our team!


Brooke House – Sixth Form


Miss Shipton – Housemistress


Miss Shipton grew up in the town of Rochester and so considers herself a bit of a local girl.  Yet she has travelled her fair share as well and graduated in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Chichester before joining Cobham Hall in 2015.

She is a great believer in the Round Square IDEALS and has had the opportunity while living in Medway to volunteer at some major sporting events such as the European and World Modern Pentathlon Championships.  Not only did this allow her meet international athletes from all over the world, but she also had the pleasure of meeting a past student of Cobham Hall, Kate French.  It was thanks to experiences like these that she was a successful applicant to become a Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympics, still one of the best experiences of her life.

While at university she was able to combine her interest in internationalism and community with her love of sport, helping to set up a new branch of the EuroCamp basketball franchise in Chichester University during her summer holidays. Interacting with nearly two hundred children from all over the world each year, she feels this experience will greatly help her at Cobham Hall.  Working with international children is something she enjoyed so much that she continues to go back to Eurocamp each year even though she has now graduated.


Bligh House – Years 7 to 11


Miss Ukachi-Lois – Housemistress


Miss Ukachi-Lois went to school in Rochester and grew up in the area. She greatly enjoyed subjects such as Biology and Religious Studies. She furthered her education at Plymouth University, where she graduated in 2016 after studying Psychology. She then went on to Loughborough University and completed a Masters in Business Psychology a year later.

Miss Ukachi -Lois began working at Cobham Hall in 2018 and she refers to working as a Housemistress to be unlike any job she has ever had or could have imagined.  Since joining Cobham Hall, Miss Ukachi -Lois has had the pleasure to work with both the Year 11s and now with the younger girls, from Years 7 to 10 in Bligh House.

The girls in Bligh House would describe Miss Ukachi-Lois as firm but fair, with a mothering nature. She has a creative and ambitious side that she has put to the test helping to redecorate the Boarding House, with the intention of beginning to bring the same life and character to the House to reflect that of the girls who live in it.

Miss Ukachi-Lois enjoys the many different conversations and discussions, both inspirational and silly, she gets to have with the varied range of girls that pass through Bligh House. Watching all the girls from vastly differing backgrounds and ages coming together for the good of each other and the House, will forever be a highlight of her experience at Cobham Hall.