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Every student or member of staff leaving Cobham Hall automatically becomes part of the Elders’ Association. A former Guardian once said ‘Cobham friends are friends for life’ and we often hear the phrase, ‘Once a Cobham Student, always a Cobham Student’. Our Elders’ Association is tasked with upholding that Cobham Hall spirit.

The Association helps former Cobham Hall pupils and staff to keep in touch or reconnect with former classmates and teachers, providing a worldwide network of contacts. The Elders Committee arranges formal and informal events to give Elders a chance to catch up, share ideas, reminisce about memories made at school, network, and generally continue to keep the Cobham Hall spirit alive and support the School.

Elders are often invited to the School for workshops, talks, events, and to speak at our Festival Day. At the end of the Summer Term 2020, we were delighted to invite award-winning Sky News Correspondent Alex Crawford to be our Keynote Speaker for Festival Day. The event was held virtually, and Alex’s inspirational speech is below.



Latest Elders News

Congratulations, Kate French!

A huge congratulations to Elder Kate French, who conquered the field with a dominant run in the final event of the modern pentathlon to earn a magnificent Tokyo Olympics Gold medal.

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Keep in Touch

If you are a former Cobham Hall student or staff member looking to get in touch with the Elders’ Association, you can do so via this form, or by joining our Elders’ Facebook Group.