With technology and global development moving at the fast pace it does, we are aware of the need to prepare our students for jobs that they will be doing in the future. Not only that, but with ‘jobs-for-life’ becoming a diminishing trait, it is more important than ever to equip girls with the skills needed to adapt, be resilient and have a lifelong zest for learning. 

Preparing our students to be successful global citizens is an important part of life at Cobham Hall. Careers education starts in Year 7 as we build confidence and self-awareness. As students move through the School, they build skills to enable good choices to be made for GCSE subjects, A Levels, and university. We help them to discover the world of work, understand their strengths and weaknesses, develop soft skills and their engagement with different careers and employers.

Life skills are taught through experience and as part of our Wellbeing Programme. In Year 10 there is a mixed programme of careers profiling and individual advice.

Tutors, Housemistresses, teachers, UCAS specialists, and independent careers advisors are vital elements of the programme, all playing an important role in a student’s journey.