Studying Art at Cobham Hall encourages self-expression and creativity that can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.

Studying Art also helps students develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us. Our Art lessons teach determination and resilience – qualities useful to any career. It teaches us that it is okay to fail, to not get things totally right the first time and to have the courage to start again. Art lessons at Cobham Hall include teaching functional and useful skills that prepare students for future careers in the arts. Students who learn to think creatively and innovatively have the skills that employers are looking for.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Students are encouraged to explore creativity and use their imagination. As well as learning formal techniques and developing new skills, students learn about contemporary and historical artists from different cultures and explore ideas and meanings in their works.

Years 10 and 11: Art, Craft and Design GCSE

This optional two year GCSE course covers a range of activities and in-depth assignments, and provides the opportunity to experiment with different materials, equipment, processes and techniques. Students will learn how to think creatively and give visual form to their own thoughts, observations, and ideas.

Years 12 and 13: Art, Craft and Design A Level; Graphic Communications A Level

Art, Craft and Design is an exciting practical course that allows students to be creative as well as opening the door to exciting career opportunities. Students are encouraged to work in a wide variety of mediums. The course includes: drawing, painting, film making, graphic design, printmaking, lens-based image making, digital media, gallery visits and workshops.

Graphic Communications introduces students to a variety of experiences that explore a range of graphic communication media, processes and techniques, working across both traditional and new media.

Outside the Classroom

The Art Department offers a range of workshops and trips to support the students and help to inspire their creativity.  Workshops and visits to visual art exhibitions are commonplace as are the many extra- curricular opportunities on offer at the School. Older students are encouraged to work independently in the art studios, make use of supported prep evenings, and enter prestigious competitions such as the Royal Academy A Level Summer Exhibition, where we have had many prize winners over the years.


Students in all years have the support and encouragement of our Artist-in-Residence, who helps our students to explore Art beyond examination requirements to explore their own creativity.

The Artist-in-Residence programme is an integral part of Cobham Hall’s belief that participating in creative processes boosts academic achievement and social skills.

The Artist-in-Residence organises and runs workshops, often bringing in working and award-winning artists to provide additional inspiration and exciting new techniques to Cobham Hall students.

Summer Art Exhibition

Each year, the work of the Art Department culminates with the Summer Art Exhibition. Displaying the hard work and commitment from Lower School, GCSE and A Level Art students, the exhibition is a highlight of the school calendar.

The work on show reflects the diverse cultures and experiences of our students. It also brings to the fore stories of students’ artistic journeys – some come to Cobham Hall with almost no exposure to visual arts and find a lifelong creative outlet which has the potential to change the direction of their lives.  The Summer Exhibition is a popular occasion attended by family and friends, educational agents and Prep School Heads as well as students and staff.

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