Businesses play a huge part in the modern world and have a huge impact on our everyday lives from the music we listen to on the way to school to the snack we choose to eat before bedtime. Studying Business helps you develop an understanding of the way businesses work, considering issues such as leadership, management and decision making with examples from real businesses. It also teaches skills including critical and strategic thinking, problem-solving, data interpretation, teamwork and independent learning.

Business offers an applied journey examining the fast-paced world of commerce and entrepreneurship. Students will develop understanding through engagement with global business investigations, management styles, business developments and external impact analysis. Students will discover how informed management, leadership and strategic decision-making can improve performance in marketing, operational, financial and human resources. Students will explore the interrelated nature of business activities and impact of evaluated decision-making for dynamic global businesses such as Apple, Netflix, Boohoo, Asda, Nike.

Students will gain analytical skills through exposure to business environments, examining markets and marketing practices, business activities and people management. Students will discover ways to raise finance for business, assess strategic business decisions, evaluate ethical, environmental and technological considerations for local and global businesses. Quantitative and non-quantitative data sets are used to develop critical analysis and evaluation skills.


Our Curriculum