Years 12 and 13: A Level Economics

Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life. – Alfred Marshall

It is impossible to study Economics and not see the links between theory and real world application. A Level students tackle key questions, such as the state of the nation’s economy, and which strategy is more credible – austerity or boosting public spending, and why? The course deals with economics on a global scale considering the large-scale economic factors affecting countries across the globe, including interest rates and productivity. However, students also delve into the actions of individuals and groups discussing the rationale behind our decision making

The study of Economics helps develop clear and logical thinking and an analytical approach to problem-solving. Students are encouraged to keep up with news and current affairs in order to see the implications of economic policy and theory in the national and global context. They also participate in debate as part of the School’s Humanities Forum and run a Fair Trade Week for the whole school.


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