Film Studies

Film is a subject which combines so many disciplines. Both artistic and academic, it satisfies many types of learner. The academic study of film and moving image have been incredibly important in the last one hundred years. It is so special and rare to trace back to the very roots of a new art form. The dominance of film has grown irrevocably since its infancy and its ability to inform, reflect and shapes our cultures and societies is remarkable. It has its own language with worldwide reach, rich in meaning.

Full of theories from critics and often political or controversial, film still has the power to speak to us as individual spectators, to transport us and to teach us something. Film is full of history and philosophy as well as being a visual and aural feast. It speaks of the past, the present and sometimes even the future. It toys with our emotions, perhaps changes our opinions and makes us consider the world for a different angle – sometimes literally.

At Cobham Hall in Film Studies we want to inspire students to be observant, active spectators, who question the representations in films from their own and other cultures. Students who enjoy interrogating texts and have the ability themselves to learn the methods of film construction, so that they might one day make an impact through this unique artistic medium.

Years 12 and 13: A Level Film Studies

Sixth Form students choosing Film Studies have the opportunity to study aspects of British and European cinema, with depth and breadth studies over a wide range of genres and time periods. Students will study aspects of film from the perspective of production and development, gaining a real insight into the industry.

Practical work allows students to develop their own final on-screen product or focus on another exciting aspect of film production such as writing a screenplay. With coursework such as the research portfolio, students choose their own topic, presenting the rare flexibility to home in on the areas of study they most enjoy.