Politics impacts nearly every aspect of our lives from the type of light bulb we can have in our lamp to the quality of care we receive in our local hospital. Being informed about how our government works and the core ideas lying behind mainstream political beliefs helps us understand our society more deeply.

Studying Politics is not only informative but very interesting giving us insight into the decisions made at government level and their impact on our lives.

Years 12 and 13: A Level Politics

A Level Politics includes the study of core political ideas such as socialism, liberalism and conservatism, political participation, and the system of government in Great Britain. Students also learn about the US political system, the role of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. Topical issues arise in every lesson so students are constantly relating their studies to the events unfolding around them both locally and internationally.

Politics students are encouraged to be enthusiastic consumers of news and current affairs and debate and discussion are key components of a typical lesson. Students are encouraged to participate in the school’s Humanities Forum as well as externally run competitions such as the Political Studies Association’s Student Video Competition.