Which is more important, nature or nurture? What is intelligence (and why should we care)? How can we get our working memory to work for us? If you think these questions are interesting, then Psychology is an ideal subject choice.


Studying Psychology A Level has enabled me to understand how the evolution of science has contributed to psychology. It has also given me a more well-rounded knowledge of the human body, and I have been able to relate it to my Biology A Level as it goes hand in hand with psychology. – Chioma, Sixth Form student

Years 12 and 13: A Level Psychology

Students choosing Psychology for A Level have the opportunity to explore and understand human behaviour from a scientific perspective and engage in contemporary debates. The course will enable them to sharpen their analytical and organisational skills and learn about scientific research methods, including collecting and working with data.

“Studying A Level Psychology has given me more of an insight into my own behaviour and in explaining the way in which we behave in social situations.” – Aoife, Sixth Form student