Summer Immersion Programme

Towards the end of the Summer Term, we offer an exciting and unique four-week immersive learning experience for students in any year group*. This programme provides students with the opportunity to experience life at a traditional English Boarding School. 

Living with our permanent boarders in our welcoming boarding houses, students will have an integrated timetable, combining intensive English as a Foreign Language (EFL), taught by our qualified EFL specialists, with opportunities to work with our permanent students. From week one, students will have the opportunity to get involved in School life, by joining in on our variety of co-curricular activities, this is the perfect way for the short-stay students to familiarise themselves with our school and get to know our permanent students. Also on offer is our exciting Saturday Enrichment Programme which is open for all immersion students to join throughout their visit.

As the students interact with other pupils across the curriculum and engage in stimulating learning experiences, they will learn grammar, language skills and communication strategies to aid both with their academic studies and with everyday conversations and situations outside the classroom.  

For a fully immersive English School experience, the students may also be invited to join our traditional summer events, such as Sports Day and Festival Day. 

The Immersion Programme focuses on helping students learn the grammar, skills and communication strategies they will need in everyday conversation, and to support their academic studies. Students have the opportunity to learn new skills and to use the language they have learned in the classroom in real situations. They interact with other students across the curriculum and engage in stimulating learning experiences.

The current fee is £1150 per week per student, for all ages and year groups. This inclusive fee covers tuition, food and accommodation, trips, a range of activities, stationery, and a school uniform and sportswear loan.