Life in the Sixth Form

Life in our co-educational Sixth Form is a unique experience. It is friendly, fun, supportive and full of opportunity.

We provide an inspirational environment to enable each student to flourish. Our school ethos encourages development of the whole person and we take immense pride in the exceptional successes of our students; beyond academic achievement to personal development and social responsibility.

Cobham Hall’s historic building saw the opening of a stunning Sixth Form Centre in September 2022. Housed in glorious rooms built in the 17th century to entertain Queen Elizabeth I, the Centre’s modern layout and furnishings are ideally suited to 21st century education. Their décor has been strongly influenced by the ideas of our student body, encouraged, as always, to play a leadership role.

We could tell you so much about life in Cobham Hall’s Sixth Form, but then thought, who better to tell you than some of our students themselves?


Sixth Form Uniform Guidance

In preparation for life beyond Cobham Hall, we understand the significance of allowing our Sixth Form students to transition away from a traditional School uniform. The overarching theme for the Sixth Form dress code is to encourage students to dress smartly and appropriately, reflecting positively on themselves and our School. This approach aims to prepare them for the professional world, where specific dress codes may be required based on their career paths.

We want to encourage our students to wear smart, work-style attire, granting them the freedom to dress as they would in a professional environment. Below are some guidelines for selecting their School attire.

Sixth Form Uniform Guidance Images | PDF 1MB