Ethos and Values

‘There’s more in you than you think’

At Cobham Hall, we believe that brilliance lies within each of our students. It is our responsibility to provide each with the academic knowledge they need to flourish, but also to inspire them to find their own path in life. We support them in developing the confidence to pursue their goals.

We believe that success can only be achieved by enabling our students to have the courage to push themselves. This is realised through a set of core values – Trust,  Respect,  Honesty,  Kindness, Tolerance – that create and instil a moral framework of behaviour: a support network that allows each one to know that their peers and the staff around them will be there to cheer them on as they succeed, or help them back up if they fall.

The Cobham Hall Perspectives course builds upon the foundation of our core values and incorporates the Round Square IDEALS.

  • Internationalism
  • Democracy
  • Environmentalism
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service

These six IDEALS provide the structure to develop skills young people will need to cope with all manner of situations they will encounter both in School and in life. Skills such as creativity, confidence, teamwork, communication, adaptability, empathy, resilience, and time management. Skills that enable us to prepare students coming through our doors for jobs that may not have been thought of yet, and to  have an active, valuable role in society. We are proud of the sheer variety of paths taken by Cobham Hall Elders once they have flown the nest.

Browsing around our website, you will discover the ways in which we provide as many opportunities as possible for our students. Opportunities of trips, co-curricular activities and in-school initiatives that ignite passions, spark interests, and nurture talent. Opportunities to learn skills that can be transferred and carried with them whatever path they choose to follow. You will also discover the support we provide – academically for those that need it, and pastorally for everyone.

We believe every student’s journey at Cobham Hall is unique to them, and it is our privilege to enable each to discover the truth in our motto: ‘there’s more in you than you think’.