Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Cobham Hall Personal Discovery Framework has three key aims of the School: Preparation for Life after School, All-Round Individual Pupil Potential, and Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. We believe that alongside teaching knowledge, developing potential, and promoting a wide range of interests, it is our role to ensure our students leave Cobham Hall as confident, resilient and happy individuals, who will contribute positively to 21st Century living.

Happy children learn.  It seems simple, but at Cobham Hall, we believe that in order to learn well, our students need to feel content, safe, and comfortable in their environment. Our core values of trust, honesty, respect, kindness and tolerance ensure that students treat one another compassionately, and with understanding.

Our whole school approach to pastoral care means that from a Year 7 Buddy, to the Headmistress, or even independent counsellors, students have someone to talk to if they wish.

Tutor Groups

The School is divided into two sections: Lower School (Years 7, 8, and 9), and Upper School (Years 10 to 13).

Each student belongs to a Tutor Group of between 9 and 15 girls, with a Tutor who keeps an eye on the progress and behaviour of all his or her tutees.

Each section has a Head of School, and there are regular Pastoral Committee meetings with our Heads of School, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, Director of Studies, and Headmistress to enable smooth communication, raise any concerns about students, and co-ordinate activities.

Buddies, and Wellbeing and Antibullying Ambassadors

Each student who joins Cobham Hall, regardless of the Year Group she is joining, will be allocated a Buddy.  This will be a student from the same Tutor Group who is responsible for helping a new student settle in and find their way around.

Students have the opportunity to become Anti-Bullying or Wellbeing Ambassadors. Students choosing to do this are given training about how to support their peers, how to spot someone who may need support and how to bring issues to staff members. Within this, students have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills by becoming part of their committee. They will also gain useful skills in organizing and running events for students as well as planning a range of activities to raise the profile of anti-bullying and wellbeing in the school. Anti-bullying Ambassadors are also able to work towards a range of badges by completing projects.

Wellbeing Centre

At the heart of Cobham Hall is the Wellbeing Centre. Available for everybody to use at lunch time and after school, the Centre is a hub for information and advice, as well as being a space for students to relax and take time out. Students are encouraged to take ownership of this area and weekly activities are in place that the students organise themselves.

Literature aimed at keeping all students mentally and physically healthy is available and events are organised throughout the year to help with this. Together with their wellbeing lessons, we work to remove stigma and to help the students thrive by being resilient and having to tools to deal with life in school and beyond.


Wellbeing Lessons

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead has put together and provided our students with a guide to support them during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  This is available to view and download below.