Boarding Life

We are proud of the closeness of our Boarding community, and the Houseparents will often hear of holidays spent with each other’s families in home countries. It’s the cultural diversity and richness that makes our boarding houses a rich, varied place to live – one week the students may be celebrating Nigerian Independence Day, another enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner. 

The welcoming atmosphere in the boarding houses mean day students can flexi-board and slip easily into life in the boarding houses. We offer full, weekly and flexi-boarding, to provide the ultimate flexibility for families. Whether that’s a single overnight stay due to a trip, rehearsal or a school event, or even because your child just wants time with their friends, or if you need a longer-term solution while you move to a new house, or if you have to go away for work. Weekly Boarding is available as a short or longer-term option to fit around your Boarding needs.

I have been lucky enough to have lived in many countries, but it has been amazing to settle down at Cobham Hall, where they welcomed me with open arms.

Sarah, Cobham Hall Elder (Boarder for four years, former Guardian (Head Girl))

Although many day students do choose to flexi-board, the weekends are still lively for our full Boarders. Have a look over on our Boarding Activities page to find out more! Our Houseparents work hard to make life in Boarding exciting and enjoyable.

Central to the Boarding environment are our boarding houses. We have Bligh and Brooke Houses, purpose-built for Boarding and home to Years 7 to 11 and Sixth Form girls respectively, and the newly opened Stuart House in the main hall caters for our Sixth Form boy boarders.

Students are encouraged to make rooms their own, and delight in the first trip of the year to IKEA – the perfect opportunity to stock up on fairy lights, plants, and soft furnishings!

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Bligh House – Years 7 to 11

Found at the end of a winding drive and opposite the Tennis Courts, Bligh House is home for Years 7 to 11. There are spacious bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, and a large common room; the perfect place to watch a film or to curl up on the sofas in front of the wood burner. The House computers enable access to Skype and the large garden provides outdoor areas for use when the weather allows.

Brooke House – Sixth Form Girls

Brooke House, next door to Bligh House, is home to girls in our Sixth Form. Some Year 13 Boarders may have an en-suite bedroom, and all Sixth Form Boarders benefit from a spacious, comfortable Common Room.  Girls will meet here and chat over breakfast before school or discuss their day over supper in the evenings.

Stuart House – Sixth Form Boys

There is a separate boarding house for boys in the main hall, with its own kitchen and comfortable common room – the perfect place to watch a film or play games.

Students in Sixth Form are permitted to cook their supper and will often cook for each other. Occasionally, they’ll tuck into homemade pizzas or enjoy a takeaway. Sixth Form boarders are granted more privileges, all designed to promote characteristics required to live in a larger community, to be thoughtful and considerate to housemates, whilst gaining more independence. It’s the perfect preparation for life at university whilst still under the guidance of caring Houseparents.