Year 8 Art Selected for Grayson’s Art Club

Posted: 6th April 2021

Head of Art Mrs Walsh was delighted to discover that one of her students had their artwork selected for Grayson’s Art Club, saying she was ‘extremely proud’.

Year 8 Art Scholar, Lia, submitted a piece for the television show hosted by renowned artist Grayson Perry. The brief for Series 2, Episode 3 was ‘Food’ and Lia got to work thinking about her favourite food – Fruit.

“Fruits are a big part of my healthy diet,” she explained, “to provide me with some of the essential vitamins and mineral we need in our diet to support our busy lifestyles! So to enter a competition drawing some of my favourite fruits was exciting.

“However, I wanted to do something different rather than simply drawing, so I tried to think outside the box. I chose to put together a collage of magazine cut outs, to represent my bowl of fruit. I did this by drawing an outline of the fruits I’d chosen and an outline of my fruit bowl. I then used cut-outs from magazines to find the right colours to fill in the outline. For the bowl, I knew I wanted a straw effect, so the idea of using pictures of hair from the magazine cuttings has helped me to give this effect.

“Finding the right colours and cutting the shapes from magazines was a challenge. Some of the fruits were tricky to represent and cut out like the grapes and the pineapple, but I’m pleased with the overall look that I’ve created called ‘Favourite Fruits’.”

Lia’s work aired along with her speaking about the piece on the Channel Four series in March.

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