The outside of Cobham Hall


Day Students are always welcome to come to School early and join Boarders for breakfast and stay for supper through until bedtime, or even flexi-board. 

Our Catering Team work tirelessly to ensure they serve delicious, nutritious food throughout the day, starting with breakfast, when students can enjoy a variety of hot or cold options. At lunch and supper, a hot meal and vegetarian option are available, as well as a well-stocked salad bar. Our Catering Team are conscious of individual allergies and ensure they are kept aware of these. Day Students often join Boarders for supper, particularly when there are rehearsals or clubs to attend.

Our Catering Team are always open to hearing the students’ views on the food, with a Food Committee held twice a term for students to air their views and suggestions. This can range from suggesting new Vegan recipes to try and sampling new dishes, to asking for more of a certain meal – the trial of a Fisherman’s Pie proved so popular it’s now a regular feature. Students also have the opportunity to suggest meals – and occasionally help cook them – for internationally themed days.

Whenever the School has an event, the kitchen is always keen to join in – whether that’s cooking Christmas Dinner for the whole school community, or rising to the challenge to produce a meal in keeping with a themed non-uniform day – such as yellow foods for ‘Hello Yellow’ on World Mental Health Day!

Our menu reflects the multi-cultural community at the School and responds to the Government’s Healthy Eating Standards guidance. In addition to the main menu, our chefs prepare fresh salads daily, and Baked Potatoes are also available. Please note that the menu is subject to change depending on supplies and deliveries.