It can be a daunting prospect moving, often halfway around the world, to a new place, new school, full of new people. We can promise a HUGE welcome and it will not be long before we are a ‘second’ family. We are extremely proud of the pastoral care we offer to each one of our students.

The aim of our Boarding Houses is simply to be the best ‘home away from home’: a place our students enjoy returning to, a place of fun and companionship, to share the good things in their lives as well as finding support, advice and guidance.

Boarding Community

Our lively boarding community lies at the heart of Cobham Hall. British and international students from around the world can live, work and socialise together, sharing all aspects of school and Boarding House life. The rich cultural diversity that our students from over 30 different countries bring to our community is a cause for celebration.

Young people leave Cobham Hall confident in their ability to communicate readily and easily with those from different cultures and backgrounds and to take their place in an interconnected, globalised world.

The dynamic Boarding environment at Cobham Hall encourages pupils to live their lives to the full. This could be competing in an inter-House sports match, acting in a drama production or singing in Benesonantes.


Boarding Activities

There are a wide variety of activities during the week and at weekends and we always encourage new suggestions from our students. On Saturdays, activities range from baking, pampering and ice skating to an annual trip to the Pantomime. On Sundays, there are trips to London, Brighton, Thorpe Park, panic rooms, paintballing and go-karting. There are also more sedate activities such as shopping in nearby Bluewater and Stratford. We work hard to ensure that there is something on the menu for everybody.


Boarding Friendships

Boarders appreciate what it means to be part of a highly supportive community and actively encourage each other to achieve their potential. Living and growing together, our students understand how their actions affect others; they learn to be considerate and tolerant of different views as well as resilient to the challenges that life and learning can bring.

Our students mix easily across year groups and friendships blossom continually. Day students are often found visiting their friends in the boarding houses and are always welcome to join us – for breakfast or supper, but also on our outings. If they flexi-board, day students easily slip into life in the boarding house and our students join together to create a strong, closely-knit community, looking out for and supporting each other. There is always somebody to turn to when the going gets tough; a fellow pupil, a member of staff, a student leader, amongst others. We know time with us in our happy boarding community will be hugely fulfilling and rewarding.

Please do browse the Boarding section of the website to find out more about our friendly Houseparents, as well as life in Boarding. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do contact us.

Mrs Wendy Barrett

For further details, please see our Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice below:

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice