Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science has been fundamental to many of the exciting scientific and technological advances of the 21st Century; from modern conveniences such as contactless payments, to DNA sequencing, or number-crunching data generated by the Large Hadron Collider.

Years 7, 8 and 9

In Years 7 and 8, students learn web design, video editing, robotics and animation amongst other skills. Computer Science focuses on the creative possibilities of the subject and students are encouraged to have fun whilst exploring what technology can do. In Year 9 the subject becomes more academically rigorous to prepare students for taking GCSE Computing.

Years 10 and 11: IGCSE

An optional subject, students discover new and broader theory topics as well as building on the knowledge gained in younger years. As well as looking at physical elements of Computer Systems, students also discuss ethical and social issues. Students also develop the skills needed to write a computer programme.

Years 12 and 13: A Level Computer Science

In Computer Science lessons, students will focus on developing the ability to think computationally, that is, how to break down a problem into a logical series of steps, which can then be written as a program and executed by a computer.

Outside the Classroom

Each year, students throughout the School are encouraged to take part in the Oxford University-organised Bebras Computing Competition. The competition involves solving problems using computational thinking – the same skills and techniques software engineers use to write programmes and apps. In the most recent competition, we had several students place within the top 10% nationally.

Parents are also invited in for their own Coding lesson, to help understand and experience what their children are learning. Our Computer Science teacher also regularly hosts Online Safety presentations to help parents keep up to speed with new developments in the digital world.