STEM Saturday

Posted: 25th May 2021

Students in Years 7 and 8 learned about DNA with Mr Kirkaldy and enjoyed modelling DNA using sweets before heading into the laboratory to extract DNA from kiwi fruits.

It was a very busy Saturday morning with students in Year 7 engaged in a Maths activity with Mrs Sheehan whilst the Year 8 students were involved in the Science activities. After a break, the Year Groups swapped over, so no one missed out on anything! Laboratory Technician Mrs Howard ensured everything was sanitised between the two groups.

The students did very well, especially considering that due to Bubble restrictions, Year 7 students have not been in a lab since joining the School. They did recognise some of the equipment from their practical lessons in their bubble.

Year 8 have also missed out on a year of doing practical work in the labs although again they have been doing some experiments in their Bubble. It was good to see their skills and confidence returning as they relaxed in the environment.

It was such a pleasure to see the students engaged, enthused and enjoying STEM. Well done to all!


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