Dancing Sisters

Posted: 23rd November 2021

Sisters Anna (Year 9) and Denice (Year 11) have been competing at multiple dance events and scoring many first places both individually and as a pair. At their most recent competition, Anna placed first in both of her individual categories and Denice came first and fourth in hers. They took a first and second place in the pairs.

Here, Anna explains more about their passion for Freestyle Disco Dance.


“Not many people have heard of this style,” she begins. “Freestyle disco dance is a fun, energetic dance style which includes technical spins, kicks, leaps, jumps, along with gymnastics, body movement, flexibility and much more. It’s a fast-paced style and it can be done at different speeds including slow. The world of freestyle dance is very chaotic; at conventions everything is overwhelming with glitter and vibrant chaos.

“At competitions, dancers wear bright, sparkly costumes, over the top makeup and fake tan. Each section dances in different heats and they dance together on the floor. There are then recalls, semi finals and, of course, the finals. Everyone has to dance around the floor (as the judges will be around the floor) and everyone’s aim is to get in front of the judge and get them to notice you. If you get to the final, you dance on your own on the floor and this can include tricks as well.

“At competitions, Denice and I compete individually but also as a pair. This means that we dance together around the floor like duet partners. It’s exactly the same as the individuals with heats and the judges. We are Intermediate in pairs and need to ‘lose one more life’ to become Champion Pairs.

“Everyone starts from a beginner at their very first competition. The sections go from beginner, starter, intermediate, champ and the prem champ, which is the hardest one to get to. In order to move up, you have to lose three lives for each section you are in. In order to lose a life, there has to be seven people in your section and if you come first place then you lose a life. If there’s 14 people, then 1st and 2nd place lose lives and so on.

“Denice is U16 intermediate in fast and U16 starter in slow with one more life left in slow. I am U14 champ in fast and I just turned champ in slow.”

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