A Joyous ‘Springmas’ Fair

Posted: 24th January 2022


Our annual Round Square Christmas Fair sadly had to be cancelled in 2020, but we were determined that it would go ahead for 2022. So, although it did have to be postponed, the Fair was rebranded the ‘Springmas’ Fair, and took place on Friday. The Dining Rooms were filled with the sound of laughter and cheers after school as students, staff and Parents gathered to enjoy the   Fair. Organised by our Round Square Representative, Mrs Kipling, the rooms were full of stalls set up by each Tutor Group and included a Pie-Face showdown, ping-pong, hook the duck and much more.

Mrs Flynn, Catering Support and Domestics Manager, was the lucky winner of the ‘Name the Teddy’ stall run by Tutor Group, UJW. The bunny’s name was Floppy. Mrs Flynn was delighted to win, and said the bunny would stay in the Catering Office as the kitchen mascot.

Mrs Kipling said afterwards, “Many thanks to everyone who was involved in any way with the Round Square ‘Springmas Fair’ on Friday. Thanks to Tutors and Tutees for some fabulous games and competitions – Pie Face was a sure winner in popularity although I’m sure I can still smell cream!

“I haven’t yet calculated the final total, but I believe it to be in the region of £400. Well done to all involved.”