Sweet Success for Poppy

Posted: 9th March 2022

Year 11 student, Poppy, saw the fruits of her determination and hardwork this week as the School Shop had its grand re-opening.

Explaining why she wanted to see the shop re-open, Poppy said, “I decided to re-open the shop as it used to be such a huge part of School life and created a sense of community in the School.

“I had to speak with both Mrs Barrett and Mrs Thompson to get the okay to go ahead with the project. I also had to speak with Mr Standen to get the room cleared and ready to be used. It took a while as we had to balance the commitment with our mocks and revision.

“I couldn’t have done any of it without my friends, and I’m grateful to Denice, Leah, Ola, Kesi, Flo, Jasmine, Abadere and Sabrina, who helped throughout and will also help run it. It was difficult at times but I now feel a huge sense of achievement now it has opened.”

The shop successfully reopened and the sweets proved a hit.