Outstanding GCSE Results

Posted: 25th August 2022

Cobham Hall students are today celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results – the best performance, based on examination, in the School’s recent history.

46% of grades overall reached the exceptional 7-9 band (equivalent to grades A*/A in the previous system), with 39% attaining these top grades in 50% or more of their results – an outstanding achievement.

Their performance in science was especially impressive; two-thirds of grades in these subjects met the 7-9 gold standard. In Physics, no fewer than 77% of results were attained at grades 7-9, while in both Biology and Chemistry almost a quarter (23%) of awards were at the highest possible level, grade 9.

Among many individual student successes, special congratulations go to:

  • Leena, who achieved no fewer than 10 exceptional grades (9;9;9;9;9;9;8;8;8;8)
  • Alyssa, who achieved a clean sweep of 7-9  grades (9;9;9;9;8;8;8;8;8;7)
  • Leah, also achieving a clean sweep of top grades (9;9;9;9;8;8;8;8;7;7)
  • Ola, likewise achieving grades 7-9 in all subjects (9;9;9;8;8;8;8;7;7)
  • Florence, likewise achieving grades 7-9 in eight subjects (9;9;9;9;9;8;7;7)

Alongside the science stars, other subjects with noteworthy success include Geography, with over two-thirds (70%) of grades 7-9, and Music, where 67% of results fell in this same top category. Over half (56%) of all grades in PE were classified 7-9, with 40% in the highest 8-9 band.

Headmistress Mrs Barrett said: “These results are truly exceptional. The students in the 2022 cohort have had to deal with unprecedented difficulties, as Covid sent their studies online for many months, starving them of many of the usual exam preparations. That they have nonetheless achieved some of our best ever results is testament to their resilience, positivity and determination.

Cobham Hall is not a selective school; I send heartfelt congratulations to our highest achievers, but I am equally as proud of every single one of our students. 95% of our grades were 4-9 – our highest examined result under the new grading system – a reflection of the immense effort on the part of every Cobham student. My congratulations to you all. My thanks, also, to the staff who strive always to support our students in the best possible way, and whose hard work and dedication underpin these excellent results.”