Million Mile Beach Clean

Posted: 1st October 2022

As an excellent way to mark the start of ‘The Great Big Green Week’, our students and staff worked hard on Saturday morning to clear litter on Reculver Beach, as part of the Million Mile Beach Clean.

At first glance, the students thought the beach looked quite clean, however, as they inspected the seaweed closer and investigated the pebbles, they were shocked to find a substantial number of tiny plastic pieces and broken fishing lines.

After fighting with the wind and narrowly dodging the rain, the group managed to successfully collect a whopping six bags full of rubbish and the beach was left much cleaner than when our students arrived.

The collected waste will now be sorted, cleaned and repurposed into a piece of beach art.  Carson club will be working hard to create something beautiful out of the rubbish to highlight exactly how damaging littering can be to our environment.

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