Plan and Start a Business

Posted: 23rd November 2022

Plan and Start a Business was a two-week Saturday Enrichment programme. It was delivered to provide an engaging opportunity for students to gain relevant, hands-on experience in creating, delivering and presenting a business idea, pitch and plan.

Our young entrepreneurs identified problems and then researched to find commercial methods to solve them. The business founders then created and presented formal plans and offered snappy pitches and detailed presentations of their proposed business ventures.

Here is an overview of the proposed business plans:

  • The Dog Toy Company 

Problem – a destructive puppy! 

Solution – a multi-layered dog toy made with mixed materials offering mental and physical complexities ending with a satisfying treat and an exhausted, less destructive, puppy. 

  • Mould Busters  

Problem – Recent press coverage of negative consequences of mould growth 

Solution – Mould Busters offered a longer-term solution to the problem of mould growth with realistic treatment costs and business profit projections. This business project shows our students keeping abreast of current affairs and formulating solutions to real-world problems. Environmental sustainability was carefully considered in the offer of a solution. 

  • Ecoprnts 

Problem – Increase in waste and pollution 

Solution – Convert household rubbish into furniture with the result of improving the environment whilst also turning a profit this team cited this venture a ‘win-win’ business. 

  • Match Style 

Problem – People shop and find items they like yet don’t know how to style the item, often people buy clothing items and never wear them 

Solution – Fully costed business idea of a location service app to offer suggestions of ‘matching’ items that are suited to a chosen taste and budget profile. Profits are accumulated through subscriptions and commissions. This project used current market data to forecast profits and potential 3-year revenues.  

  • A Dental Hospital 

Problem – low uptake of dental care due to the high cost of services and treatment 

Solutions – A carefully planned hybrid-funded dental hospital. Offering patients, the opportunity to access lower-cost NHS treatments with the option to upgrade to fast-track privately funded dental care. A saviour for the NHS or discrimination based on affordability. 

  • Hybrid Vehicle Plug-in Solution  

Problem – Accessibility of charging points for eclectic cars 

Solution – A profitable plan to sell and install electric charging points to householders for private and public use in return for a small profit in the form of a commission on the differential cost and sale of an electric charge. 


  • Fashion Designer 

Problem – Dress style of choice not readily available  

Solution – Handmade dresses in a style that is not widely available. A lifestyle business plan with creative elements that appeal to the designer with the aim of making a modest profit and satisfy the creative spirit of this eager entrepreneur.  


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