Dragons’ Den

Posted: 24th November 2022

This week’s Personal Development Framework lesson was transformed into an episode of Dragons’ Den, as the Year 8 students pitched their inventions to a panel of stern-faced Dragons, made up of Cobham Hall staff members.

Each group worked hard to come up with innovative concepts for a new product, accompanied by a student-created logo, website and phone app, and then faced a round of challenging questions from the Dragons.

The ideas included:

  • Hydro-AI

An eco-friendly car that runs on water and electricity. The group suggested that the car would allow the driver to connect with nature and have a relaxing drive in any condition and environment. They pitched that the product would come with a built-in coffee machine with adjustable temperature settings, folding rear seats that become a bed, and a soundproofing panel between the driver and back seat, for ultimate relaxation and peace while driving. The team conducted market research and considered how they could gain popularity by pairing with popular brands such as Land Rover and Tesla.

  • Bookafi

This product is an app that enables the user to find any book ever written. The noise-cancelling headphones and 3D glasses linked to the app engage every sense and allow the reader to enjoy a truly immersive and undisturbed experience. The group researched their product and pitched ideas that ensured it was affordable and high quality.

  • Live, Laugh, Listen

Wire-free, Bluetooth-free, and data-free headphones. These hands-free headphones were created and pitched to the Dragons as the ideal way to listen to music while on the go. The headphones have a built-in streaming service that allows the user to listen to music anywhere, any time, any place, without needing to connect to their phone or Wi-Fi. The group researched their competitors Apple and Dr Dre Beats and compared the high prices against their affordable £100 invention. The team considered the amount of money they were asking the Dragons to invest, how they would use it, and how the profits would be distributed.

  • Unnie

The final group, named after the Korean translation of ‘Big Sister’, presented their idea for an eco-friendly teenage girl’s clothing brand. The team pitched that they would market their shops to a range of different consumers, having a variety of themed sections to fit everyone’s needs. They considered the location of their shop, placing it in Bluewater to gain recognition and custom, and they conducted extensive research into ethical production and sustainability.

All the teams did incredibly well, their unique concepts were well-designed and planned, and each group conducted extensive market research. Every invention was confidently introduced and clearly explained.

But after much deliberation, due to the group’s carefully thought-out business proposition, convincing and well-presented pitch, and clear evidence of detailed research, the Dragons’ announced Live, Love, Listen as the winners, and chose to invest in their product. Congratulations team Live, Love, Listen!

We would like to say well done to all the teams for their hard work and thank you to the staff members who played the role of the Dragons.