Year 9 Age UK Trip

Posted: 2nd December 2022

For Year 9’s Personal Discovery Framework lesson this Thursday, the craft group went to Age UK Gillingham to entertain the guests with a Christmas-themed dance performance and arts and crafts.

Before entering the day centre I was quite nervous to meet the members there, but after spending some time with them and creating some Christmas crafts, I got more comfortable and ended up having a smile on my face. I learnt a lot about some of the members and will remember this experience.

The students served guests hot chocolate, mince pies, homemade cupcakes, and other festive treats for them to enjoy.

I enjoyed giving out different flavours of hot chocolate, showing them our dance, doing the crafts, getting to know them, watching them have fun and hearing them laugh, and giving out our snacks and seeing the smiles on their faces.

The elderly had a fantastic time getting creative with their crafts, such as decorating Christmas trees, making wreaths, and hanging decorations.

I had a wonderful time chatting and making Christmas crafts with the seniors, as they were kind and caring towards us. I especially enjoyed talking to Brian and Jean as they were very kind-hearted. I made some Christmas wreaths with some people and they were very pleased with the results. I hope they had as good a time as I did. 

The students enjoyed spending time with the guests, getting to know them, and finding out about their lives. This is a fantastic way for the students to learn more about the elderly community and create some wonderful friendships. Several of the students have become pen pals with the elderly guests, where they send each other regular letters and artwork, this is an excellent way for the girls to contribute to the community and offer companionship to the elderly.

I really enjoyed the trip because we got to learn with, and understand, the seniors, which helps to connect our generations. Even though I was a bit nervous before we got there, it turned out to be really fun. After a bit of dancing, I helped a group out and met some lovely people who I decorated trees and made baubles with, while laughing. The time flew by and I really enjoyed the experience.

My experience at Age UK was brilliant. I enjoyed my time there very much. It was lovely to make Christmas crafts with them and doing the dance was fun. The joy on their faces at the end was what we had hoped to see. It was an incredible time!


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