An Interview with George

Posted: 10th February 2023

In January, we welcomed George, Year 12, into our School.

George’s arrival marked an exciting new phase for Cobham Hall as he became the first boy in our newly co-educational Sixth Form. We sat down with George to ask about the personal challenge of starting a new school, of making Cobham history, and about his experience so far:

What are your first impressions?

“Everyone has been really welcoming. They are just genuinely nice people. I was studying different subjects in my old School and the teachers have been really helpful and understanding with my subject changes.”


Has starting new subjects been difficult?

“A little bit, but I played sports already, so starting P.E. was quite an easy transition. I’m glad I chose P.E.”


How has it been being the first boy in Sixth Form?

“It was a bit weird at the start, but I realised after a little while that it’s not a big deal. I feel settled now and everyone has been welcoming.”


What made you decide to join?

“I was really impressed by the small class sizes and the place is just incredible. The building and the scenery are like nothing else. As soon as I came here, I knew this would be a good choice.”


What’s the best part?

“The School has provided just what I needed at this point in my education.”


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