Students Participate in First Aid Workshop

Posted: 18th September 2023

This week our Deputy Guardian, Natasha, kindly arranged for students to participate in a First Aid workshop. Natasha spoke first in Assembly to both students and staff about the importance of knowing First Aid, and how it can make a difference. This was followed by a workshop for Lower School students, led by Mr John Rivers, who has worked with the ambulance service for many years, in how to use a defibrillator and do CPR.

Natasha talked to us about what had driven her to organise the workshop:

“I noticed that a lot of schools don’t teach the basics of First Aid. I had promised, when elected to my role as Deputy Guardian, to introduce life skills to our community, one being a First Aid workshop. Towards the end of last year, I completed a “Restart the Heart” course in my local community, where I learnt to recognise the signs of a stroke, deal with choking, how to put someone in the recovery position – and how to save a life by using a defibrillator and doing CPR.

Throughout my time at Cobham Hall, I had never had the opportunity to learn this fundamental skill. I wanted to change that – and if it meant me organising it, that was what I was going to do, as promised. I also felt I wanted to give something back to Cobham, as the School has given me many opportunities. I am passionate about health care therefore I thought it was a great way both to incorporate my passion and be educational. I wanted to go beyond the curriculum, beyond textbooks and exam questions, and incorporate a hand-on approach way of teaching.

John Rivers has been teaching students First Aid for many years and has started campaigns to highlight its importance. When I met him, he kindly offered to come into our School and run these workshops.”

What, we asked, did she hope the students would gain from this?

“In the Assembly beforehand, I asked if people knew how to use a defibrillator: many students and staff said they didn’t. Speaking to teachers and students after the sessions with John, they confirmed they now knew how to use a defibrillator and do CPR to help save someone’s life. Although we never want to be in this situation, one of us could experience it: I hope the students have gained the knowledge to do so.”

Our thanks to Natasha, and to Mr John Rivers, for this excellent workshop, which will roll out for the Upper School next week.