Future Perspectives: Brand New Course

Posted: 23rd November 2023

Over the past few weeks, as part of our new Future Perspectives course, students in Year 13 have been taking part in lessons on car maintenance and cooking.

In the car maintenance lessons, students were shown practical skills such as how to fill up the oil, water and screen wash, checking tyre tread and pressure and how to change a light bulb. They have also talked about what to do if they have an accident or breakdown in their car. Thank you to Mr Mark Caller, one of our minibus drivers, who led these sessions. Students also took part in a ‘£5 meal for 4’ challenge. The students worked together in teams to cook a two-course meal for four people with a budget of £5. The students learnt about healthy eating, planning a nutritious meal and cooking on a budget. They then prepared and cooked their meals in under two hours.

It was great to see the wonderful meals the students cooked together, and well done to Phoebe (Year 13), Tunmise (Year 13), Omasan (Year 13) and Daisy (Year 13) for winning the cooking challenge.