Guardian Convention 2024

Posted: 24th February 2024

Friday 23rd February saw the entire School come together for our exciting annual Guardian Convention, as the community voted to choose our 2024-2025 Student Leadership Team from the Year 12 candidates who had put themselves forward to run for its various roles. After a last week of campaigning, on the big day our candidates for Guardian and House Captain took
their places before students and faculty to share carefully drafted speeches and answer questions posed by students across all years. All candidates showed professionalism and enthusiasm in their responses and presentations and proved themselves to be excellent representatives for Cobham Hall.

To conclude the Convention, all students, teachers and support staff took part in a secret ballot in which everyone had the chance to vote for their chosen Guardian and House Captain. Headmistress, Mrs Barrett, revealed the results to the outgoing SLT and this year’s candidates in a private ceremony in our Old Library, followed by an announcement to the
entire School.

Congratulations to your new Student Leadership Team 2024-2025.