Cobham Hall in Support of Gravesham Foodbank

Posted: 4th March 2024

The Foodbank was founded in 2012 by local churches and community groups who work together with support from local businesses and volunteers to tackle food poverty and hunger.

In the last year, 4,374 parcels of 3-day emergency food supplies have been given out to people in need. Due to the energy crisis and current financial situation, donations have dropped, but the number of those who need support has risen, meaning the Foodbank’s resources are at an all-time low. Ella (Year 12) and Freddy (Year 12) spent a few hours on Wednesday morning volunteering at the Foodbank, finding out what they do and how they support those in need.

This term, Year 12 students, led by Emily, are organising a food drive to collect donations for the Foodbank to help them raise their stock levels and help more people. If everyone in our School community donated one item a week, we would be able to provide food for 9 people or families that week.

Each class will be given a food type or item to bring into School every Thursday until the end of term. There will be a large table in the entrance to T-block where donated items can be placed. The donated items will then be taken to the Foodbank for them to distribute to those who need it.

Anyone can donate to the food drive, and a list of items needed can be found here as well as more information about the Foodbank.