Meet the new Guardian and Deputy Guardian 2024-2025

Posted: 13th March 2024

Nattakarn (Ruk) – Guardian

Ruk is one of our international students, coming all the way from Thailand. She joined the School in Year 11, rapidly becoming a valued member of the boarding community and of Cobham Hall as a whole. We had the opportunity to catch up with Ruk following the excitement of the Guardian Convention and the moment of her election.

How did you feel when you were told that you had been elected as Guardian?

“First of all, I felt very honoured to be elected as our School Guardian and I am really thankful to everyone who has put their trust in me. Great power comes with great responsibility, and I am determined to do my best. The Guardian Convention Day was and will always be the most meaningful day for me as it was an opportunity that allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and truly made me believe “there is more in you than you think”.

What made you want to run for the role?

“The motivation that made me want to run for Guardian is our community. I am determined to make Cobham Hall feel like Cobham Home to everyone. By being part of the SLT, this will allow me to help change the school and give me the privilege to be the voice for everyone. Therefore, I can help foster an environment where everyone’s voices and ideas can be respected. Moreover, I will also have the opportunity to introduce lots of new fun activities that will bring all of us together. I want to be a Guardian who all students can always come up to and share their worries with and hopefully bring smiles onto their faces every day.”

As an international boarding student, what was it like adjusting to life in the UK?

“At the very beginning, I must admit it was a big challenge for me living so far away from home, learning a completely different culture, but at the same time Cobham Hall welcomed me into their open arms, so I was able to easily adapt into my new lifestyle and overcame my obstacles. I have made lots of precious friendships here whom I will cherish for the rest of my life. From time to time, when I feel sad and miss my home, I will always be alright because everyone here has always been by my side, and I will forever be thankful for that. That’s why I always say there is something super special about Cobham.”

What do you like most about Cobham Hall and what would you like to promote as Guardian?

“I would like to promote our school diversity and internationalism. Introducing culture day and other activities like a cultural workshop which includes learning about different traditions, wearing national costumes, cooking, and bringing national dishes from around the world. From my experience at boarding, I have a lot of fun learning different languages and trying different dishes from all my friends. Therefore, I would love to introduce such activities for the whole school. My most important aim is to promote inclusiveness where everyone’s passion and ideas are respected and given the attention they deserve. Therefore, I would like to introduce new activities that would satisfy our students and give everyone the chance to participate in activities they enjoy.”

How did you find the process of the Guardian Convention?

“I must admit I felt very nervous up on the stage, but I always believe that you only live once so try to seize all the opportunities that life throws at you. I am also glad the convention was also the opportunity for me to express my vision and let everybody know that nothing can ever stop their greatness, like how I mentioned during the convention that I want to be a bird and have the ability to fly high and learn that the sky is your limit. I really want to use that moment to make everyone feel confident and believe in themselves. Finally, right after the convention I always believe that no matter what happened I will not have any regrets because there is no such thing as failure, you either win or you learn. I am grateful for everything that happened and thank you all once again for everything.”

Jude – Deputy Guardian

Cobham Hall welcomed Jude at the beginning of the school year as one of our first boys. From the very start, Jude got involved in Cobham life, joining in co-curricular clubs and becoming Head of Stuart House, our new boys’ boarding House. As he continues to make Cobham Hall history, we spoke with Jude about his recent election as Deputy Guardian.

How did you feel when you were told that you had been elected as Deputy Guardian?

“Standing in the old library with all of the candidates, and what was the current SLT, the nerves were starting to kick in, because not only had I worked incredibly hard on the whole campaign, but so had Mr Kirkaldy, my friends and my family as well, so I really didn’t want to let any of them down.”

What made you want to run for the role?

“I wanted to run for the role for many reasons, one of which being I love taking a leadership role and helping voice others’ opinions where they may not feel confident enough to do so themselves. I also love organising events, which I’m incredibly excited to do this year. I also think this role will allow me to mature greatly and add to my character making me a more well-rounded person for later on in life.”

Does being the first boy at Cobham Hall to be on the Student Leadership Team add any pressure?

“I have had leadership roles before, so I didn’t feel that much pressure going into it all. However I think with this previous experience it will allow me to leave a great legacy for boys in leadership roles at Cobham, and I hope any that run after me will try and replicate the success my team and I will have this year.”

What do you like most about Cobham Hall and what would you like to promote as Deputy Guardian?

“I love the inclusivity of the school, whether it’s gender or race. I felt it straight away after joining Cobham and haven’t lost that feeling since, and I hope I am able to help replicate that feeling for others now that I am in the role of Deputy Guardian.”

What do you want to achieve next year as Deputy Guardian?

“I have so many ideas I would like to incorporate into the School, whether they’re all possible is another thing! But the main ones would be a Cobham Bake Off with celebrity guests, and a summer festival where the new Year 7s and their families are able to integrate into the Cobham community and join the family that we all love so much here.”