Kent Trampoline Championships

Posted: 21st March 2024

On Tuesday 19th March, the Under 19s intermediate A team, comprising Holly E (Year 11), Grace (Year 11), Olivia G (Year 11) and Freya W (Year 11), the Under 19s intermediate B team comprising Holly K (Year 11), Ishika (Year 11) and Isabelle S (Year 12), as well as individual competitors Selena (Year 10), Riya (Year 10) and Anna (Year 11), joined over 350 other trampolinists from across Kent at Jumpers Rebound Centre in Gillingham for the Kent Trampoline Championships.

The students were wonderful ambassadors for the School in terms of their conduct, and Miss White was stopped to be given feedback that the teams had some of the best back landing technique they had ever seen.

U19 intermediate A team came home with a gold.
U19 intermediate B team came home with a silver.
Olivia G won a 2nd place trophy and Isabelle a 3rd place trophy for overall ranking in the U19 intermediate section.
Anna came home with a 3rd place trophy in the U19 advanced section.

Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to coach Keith for preparing them so well.

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